Halloween Loom Knitting Patterns: Spider

Halloween Loom Knitting Patterns Spider







Halloween Loom Knitting Patterns: Spider

Finished Size: 3″ high and 5″ wide with legs

Time To Complete Project: 30 minutes


Supplies Needed:

Knifty Knitter Flower Bloom Loom
2  1/2″ stryofoam ball
1 package of black chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
black yarn I used Red Heart
two white buttons and two smaller black buttons
double sided tape or mounting tape


Secure yarn to end peg on flower loom and e-wrap around the loom until you have 3 loops on each peg.

Go around the loom with your knifty knitter tool and take the very bottom loop and go over the top two loops so there is only two loops left on the pegs.  This counts as the  first knit row. I call this 1 over 2. For Each row you will e-wrap around the loom one more time so there is always 3 loops on each peg before pulling up the bottom loop over the top two loops

Do this 12 more times for a total of 13 rows.






Row 14 : you will have two loops left on your pegs, go around the loom and knit 1 over 1 so there is only 1 loop left on each peg

Place the styrofoam ball in the middle of your project on the loom as shown below in the center









Flip the loom over. Cut a piece of yarn about 10 inches long and thread it though a needle. Gather the edges like you would a hat by going  through each loop in and out, pull tight this will close the end. double knot it.







Flip the loom right side up, use another 10 inch piece of yarn to gather the loops off the loom and  pull tight and knot it.  You will now have the body it will look like a ball.

Cut chenille stems and bend them to make spider legs just push them into place through the knitting into the styrofoam ball inside. Make sure they are secure.

Use mounting tape (double-sided) to attach the small black buttons on the larger white buttons for the eyes

Attach eyes on the spider also with mounting tape

And that’s it!  Now you have your very own spider ready for Halloween

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