Halloween Perler Beads Patterns Owl Witch

Halloween Perler Beads Patterns Owl Witch










Halloween Perler Beads Patterns Owl Witch

I love Halloween and owls so I decided to design this Owl Witch and share with you.  This makes a great and easy craft project for kids.  This is Witchy The Owl. Makes a really nice magnet for the refrigerator just add a magnet strip to the back or hang in a window with a suncatcher hook. Also makes a nice gift to give to a teacher on Halloween .


Large Square Perler board
Perler Ironing paper (or wax paper)
Buttons for eyes. I bought a mixed  pack of white and black buttons at Walmart for $1.99
Perler beads (dark purple, black, white and dark yellow)

small scissors

mounting tape (double-sided tape) to attach eyes (also bought at Walmart)









Place the perler beads as shown above. Using an iron and Perler ironing paper go over the design making sure to get the edges. let cool. Slowly peel back the paper make sure all pieces are attached if not go over the design again.  Flip the design over and iron the other side. Adult supervision required for hot irons. Attach the small black eye to the white with mounting tape. Place mounting tape on the back of the eyes and attach to the center of the white on your owl. You are all done.

Like this pattern? You can also find Luna the owl pattern here.

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